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  • Remedial English Course

    6 Lessons in

    This course intends to bring students’ academic English proficiency closer to the level required for taking the TOEFL Prep Course and to prepare them for taking further English classes in order that they can attend an American university program of study.

  • Remedial Math Course

    3 Lessons in

    The Math Refresher Course aims to assist students to gain competence with fundamental mathematical concepts that qualify as pre-requisites for the quantitative sections of the GMAT/GRE Preparatory Courses. The course is designed to offer students both a solid review as well as an opportunity to learn the fundamental topics of mathematics, including but not limited to: number properties, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics, proportions and word problems.

  • Discovery Course

    14 Lessons in

    The Discovery course is part of the series of courses of the American University Preparatory Program (AUPP). The course is designed to introduce candidates to the United States higher education system, the American culture, diversity, and the general communication discourse.