PCPP (Pre-College Preparatory Program)

The College Preparatory Program (CPP) was created as a result of the 5-year implementing experience from the TLP Immersion Courses funded and supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), for which A.U.K - The American College in Kosovo was awarded a grant for its implementation. Its execution, apart from enriching students’ academic experiences, provided A.U.K faculty and staff an outstanding experience on designing and implementing college preparatory curricula. As a result, the College Preparatory Program was initiated. The program currently makes excellent use of the already trained instructors through the Immersion Courses program as well as applies the same quality assurance scheme. In sum, Immersion Courses helped A.U.K create a strong cadre of instructors and staff who now specialize in college preparatory programs, apart from its fundamental aim to train 1,150 students to pursue master studies in US higher education institutions.

The aim of the College Preparatory Program is to enrich students’ core competencies in English and Math in order that they become academically fit to embark on an academic journey at an American Higher Education Institution (AHEI). The whole program is designed to provide classroom instruction on specifically designed classes in a standard American classroom delivery style where students learn from a variety of sources: physical, digital, experiential, and task-based. Apart from serving as an entrance exam preparatory experience, the program serves as an academic enrichment for students in their first year of study.

A.U.K remains sincerely thankful to the American people and the USAID for the partnership and the possibility to learn from a unique experience and carry on the legacy to serve Kosovo students through providing them life-changing academic opportunities.